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The Expert Guide to Keratin Hair Extensions

Elmilano Extensions > Blog > The Expert Guide to Keratin Hair Extensions
Elmilano Extensions > Blog > The Expert Guide to Keratin Hair Extensions
Posted by: extensions October 27, 2020 No Comments

Hair extensions are versatile, stylish, and they look like real hair. No wonder they have become the go-to for creating instant volume and length.

If you want a great extension installation that suits you perfectly, you’ve only got to give one of the most popular hair extensions types a try – Keratin (aka Fusion) tipped hair extensions.

Customers and stylists alike are in love with this tried and true method and for good reason – easy installation, natural results and of course, durability.

Curious about this popular process? Read on to learn everything you need to know about keratin bonded hair extensions!

The What and How of Keratin Tipped Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions are unlike any other because of their unique construction and special application method.

Keratin hair extensions resemble tiny wisps of natural hair strategically positioned in rows by fusing the keratin tip of the extension close to the root of the natural hair. Attached to the root of the strands is a flat, square tip that connects all of the hairs on the strands.

The flat square at the root of the extension strands is where the magic happens, as this is the keratin bond used to fuse the extensions onto the client’s natural hair. This keratin tip, also known as a ‘K-tip’, is partially made of the same naturally occurring protein found in your hair.

A special additive on the K-tip helps to create a protective coating for your natural hair strands. The K-tips are bonded close to the roots of the hair to ensure there is enough space to allow free movement of the hair so it maintains a natural layered texture and feel.

Stylists typically use packs that come with around 20 strands varying in length from 14 to 28 inches. Depending on the size of a customer’s head, a full installation of keratin hair extensions requires anywhere from 5 to 9 packs of hair, or around 100-180 strands. Thick hair requires the use of more strands – around 9 to 12 packs.

Row after row and strand after strand, the bonding process is repeated, beginning first at the nape, and moving up to the crown, finishing on the sides of the head. The upper layers of hair are left untouched, as it is important that they fall over the lower layers to hide the keratin bonds.

Application takes between one and two hours and finishes with a blowout and dry cut in order to ensure the extensions are layered and evened out to perfection.

Bonding Basics: Hot Fusion vs. Cold Fusion

Here’s the short story about bonding methods:

Some stylists prefer the hot method while others swear by the cold method, but at the end of the day, it largely depends on hair type.

Hot fusion is tried and true, and is best suited for thick hair. The K- tip is melted with a hot tool, quickly attached to a section of hair, then manually shaped and molded around the client’s hair shaft, creating a firm and durable bond.

Cold fusion is modern and is perfect for fine, silky strands. With this method, sonic technology is used to fuse the keratin extensions onto your natural hair.

And now a word about glue

While there are many cheap imitations on the market, Italian keratin glue grains are the only way to go for keratin hair extensions every single time. They are top notch and well worth the difference in cost! Here’s why:

  • Hardest most durable glue available on the market.
  • Super easy to use for re-bonding or installing new hair extensions.
  • Resistant to high temperatures and will not soften when wet.
  • Safe – virtually no risk of damage to the natural hair or the hair extensions.
  • Completely transparent, ensuring a flawless and discrete application.
  • Amazingly strong hold – adhere well but exceptionally easy to remove.
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind.

The Why of Keratin Fusion Extensions

Keratin hair extensions offer a long list of benefits. Here are the top three reasons both industry professionals and their clients are crazy about them:

  1. Easy custom looks

Clientslove it when they leave the salon with a unique, made just-for-them look!

  • Instantly add length and volume to hair.
  • Fully customizable to match or improve natural hair color.
  • Experiment with color without permanent dye, bleach, or harsh chemicals.
  • Curl, dye, straighten, and style extensions just like real hair
  • Choose bundles that match natural hair color or color individual strands for highlights.
  1. Long lasting and low maintenance

With expert installation and care, keratin hair extensions are long lasting and durable.

  • Last for as long as six monthswith proper care.
  • Fewer maintenance appointments than with other types of hair extensions.
  • Removal by a stylist is simple with a special alcohol-based solution that breaks down the keratin so that the bonds loosen without damaging the hair.
  1. Almost impossible to detect

When styled properly, keratin hair extensions are completely unnoticeable beneath all those layers of hair.

  • The entire style is seamless, flawless, and realistic.
  • The placement of the bonds allows hair to move naturally.
  • They offer more natural looking hair than taped-in or sew-in hair applications.
  1. Make bad hair days disappear

Keratin hair extensions are a great solution to make thin hair feel thicker,or give lifeless hair more volume and longer lasting styles. Hot and cold application methods make keratin bond extensions suitable for all hair types.Add a few pieces in all the right places, or make an impact with a full set for longer hair instantly.

El-Milano’s hairextensions offer the flexibility of choosing from a variety of ethically sourced 100% East European Remy hair keratin strand tips of various kinds in over 30 colors.