Largest Human Hair Extensions Factory offering Royal Russian & Premium East European Hair-Lines WorldWide

Ethically sourced, tenderly processed, professionally crafted Human Hair Extensions

Tried & True recipe of having fashion-forward, impeccable and mesmerizing look is simply wearing El-Milano Hair Extensions. Leading the world in hair extension, El-Milano has made a huge contribution to amplify the beauty of billion of women from all walks of life who always longed for the radical solution to boost volume, add color and extend the hair length. Established over 18 years ago, our company offers Premium Quality East European and Royal Quality Russian hairlines exclusively sourced from the rural parts of East Europe, Russia and former CIS countries. The sole mission set by our magic-handed gurus is to deliver top-notch quality, long-lasting, traceable, and soft Remy Virgin Human Hair Extensions that provide total versatility and maximum comfort to the end-user. We, as a team, put forward a common dictum that doing the best is more important than being the best.