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East European Hair

East European Single Drawn Bulk Hair

Elmilano Extensions > Blog > East European Hair > East European Single Drawn Bulk Hair
Elmilano Extensions > Blog > East European Hair > East European Single Drawn Bulk Hair


Perfectly suitable to create any type of hair products,Bulk Hair Extensions of El-Milano is one of the staples that features bleachable ability and also is the best fit for the wig crafting purposes.

To provide Unadultered Bulk Human Hair in UK and USA gives us the chance to outrank in the entire market.


Bulk Hair Extensions of El-Milano originate in the rural parts of CIS countries where people lead a healthy lifestyle in the bosom of nature.

100% Natural to the deepest down the roots, our Bulk Human Hair UK comes with a beautiful collection of colors and lengths.

Our East European Hair doesn’t go through harsh processing in any way meaning that the hair maintains a natural shine and strong straight hair texture.

Bulk Hair Extensions are carefully washed, combed out of short hair with the nits entirely plucked and results in being Remy Human Hair (cuticles aligned in the same direction).

As compared to Indian, Chinese or Mongolian hair, East European human hair has proven to be the best alternative.

Glossy textured Bulk Human Hair ensures a prolonged lifespan with proper care.


Last but not least, “El-Milano Extensions” has developed and patented a very gentle de-pigmentation process that does not strip the cuticle off the hair.

The bleaching and coloring process is undertaken using the human hair of the natural colors along with the qualified experts and expensive ingredients of the high quality.

What makes our processing very remarkable is that our factory does not apply any chemical substances in production that damages the hair structure.

Additionally, there is NO silicone coating to our virgin hair and our team ensures that the human hair remains healthy and alive serving for a long time (at least 1 year).

As a result, we achieve the brilliant and delightful collection of bleached (blond) and colored human hair with the natural shine and neat look that is 100% tangle-free with the roots placed in the same direction (Remy Hair).

We are classed as one of the top hair companies in the supply of Premium Quality Bulk Human Hair Extensions in UK and USA.

We offer more than 30 colors including crazy color shades.


Bulk Hair Extension is a half-ready product used for creating your own individualized hair extensions or wigs in your fantasy. We hold certification approved by the Mistry of Health Service to prove that the hair is authentic human hair. Our lengths range from 20cm (8″) to 70cm (28″). Natural colors range from dark-chestnut to black.


Each bundle is
100 gr (3,5oz).


The lengths are
8”(20cm)      14”(35cm)     20”(50cm)
10”(25cm)    16”(40cm)     24”(60cm)
12”(30cm)    18”(45cm)     28”(70cm)