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Elmilano Extensions > East European Hair > STEAM PROCESSED HAIR EXTENSIONS
Elmilano Extensions > East European Hair > STEAM PROCESSED HAIR EXTENSIONS

Looking to transform your hair texture to long-lasting Waves and Curls? El Milano Steam Processed Hair is an excellent choice for achieving natural-looking textured hair with exotic patterns you have always longed for.


As being one of the reputable Steam Processed Hair Extensions Supplier in UK and USA, El-Milano Extensions is committed to provide its customers with luxurious wavy and curly hair patterns obtained with the help of self-adopted Hot Water Vapor Technology which does zero harm and damage to the structure of Remy Hair while global market excessively uses chemicals and silicon taking the customer satisfaction for granted.



This sophisticated system of processing is a very organic way to create magical curly/wavy looks for Afro-American ladies and ensures that no aggressive chemical coating or harmful alteration is done in any way. After the gentle way of processing, our East European Remy Hair comes out of the in-house facilities with having kept the natural organics and cuticles 100% intact (all the strands arranged in the same direction).

Besides high-quality characteristics that Premium Quality East European possesses, another unique feature is that the curls or waves would never loosen up its original pattern even after multiple washing, blow-drying, and ironing. As a result, our Steam Processed Hair Extensions remains tangle-free and shedding-free and holds the ability to undergo any dying, bleaching and coloring processes without any further hassles. Coming down to the longevity of the processed textures, they can have a life time of 4 to 6 months or longer with proper care. However, natural hair can serve you for years to come.

This line is regular dark East European Hair that can be bleached up to darker shades of blond colors


Available Best-Selling Textures on offer:

• Body Wave                     • Deep Curly
• Defined Body Wave       • Kinky Curly
• Loose Wave                    • Jerry Curly
• Water Wave                    • Afro Curly
• Deep Wave

The lengths are

8”-10” (20-25сm)         20”(50cm)
12”-14” (30-35cm)        22″(55cm)
16”(40cm)                      24”(60cm)
18”(45cm)                      28”(70cm)


Each bundle
is 100gr (3,5oz).


is 100gr (3,5oz).