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I have always perceived our business as of high priority in family since it has deep and strong roots which date back to my grandfather servicing and distributing superior quality of hair products since 1925.

Shamuel Avezov was from the Great Kokand Khanate, the son of Ishakboruh and Sorah Avezov in a family with several kids. He had to start earning at the age of fourteen to make ends meet at the local barber shop as a protégé. His perseverance made him a great deal of specialist in terms hair through years of hard work. He remained master at one place for almost a half a century producing more than dozens of full specialists of barbers.

This remarkable person dedicated his whole life to the well being of his family overcoming lots of life difficulties establishing a solid hair business passing to his sons. The pride I hold for my grandfather is immense since his dedication is worth a lifetime and a milestone for EL-Milano Hair Extensions!

Mrs. Alla Kalendareva
Founder of the Company

It’s our hair!

The brand “El-Milano” acquires its name after the names of my daughters Elizabeth and Milana. With its initial launch in 2001 El-Milano commenced its first East European hair product request from Israel. The support of my husband and son drove me to find more reliable hair sources with superior quality. Hence, I decided to impress females of the world with our best kind of hair. Comfort and amenity are the feelings of our women’s hair.

The logo of our company contains unique sign and brand mark of the company name. We wanted to represent leaf shape, the silhouette forming a head of hair and a silhouette of a girl’s face symbolizing feministic views. Leaf embodies naturalness, environmental friendliness of the used components, freshness and growth (length, sprout, nature). The brand mark colors of our logo focuses on premium direction of our company and product quality.

“El-Milano” is the name of the brand which has already decoupled with quality and satisfaction. There are several professional and personal reasons to concretize the levels of quality as a company’s principle objective.

We care!

Besides being environment friendly El-Milano also does a lot in terms of charity and contribution to a local society. We donate our 10% profits once a month to provide free wigs to kids with cancer. Our company firmly believes that compassion is great virtue and that’s how we treat each other: with care and sympathy!


Since childhood seeing my parents and other relatives being involved in hair business made a robust impression on me to identify the activity as more than just money making process, however as a family token tying everybody together as inseparable relations. Keeping this family heritage of my ancestors I have determined my life path dedicating myself to master the skills of hair business to elevate our business into world levels.

The vivid vision of our business makes me concentrate more on penetrating to the greater levels of excellence both in terms of quality and service. I am willing to expand El-Milano onto pioneering stages of quality superiority and customer satisfaction delivering the finest hair to our beloved women. Since the first day of our service “El-Milano” has only strived to follow and match its motto with our actions: Think customers, satisfy customers!


El-Milano advocates and operates with natural products and we take environment issues personal. Therefore, eco-objectives integrated into our company exertions are established via broad research on biology, chemistry, style and cosmetology. We do not allow any hazardous chemicals such as ammonia and various silicone compounds. Our specialists make sure ingredients used in the hair production are of highest quality and eco-friendly which is individually tested and passed an austere content selection in terms of environment. Our business is establishing its way to make sure environment issues are not just concerns but to make it trendy and lifestyle for people!

One doesn’t need to be hair experts to feel the very superior quality of El-Milano hair extensions since once you hold it on your hands you will feel the care and love we put into the hair.