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Elmilano Extensions > East European Hair > KERATIN HAIR EXTENSIONS
Elmilano Extensions > East European Hair > KERATIN HAIR EXTENSIONS

Applying Keratin as a form of hair extension applicator has been around for many years, and is a very popular method of fitting. As pre-bonded based hair extensions are one of the earliest methods of hair extension system, it was the first to achieve a redesigned and incomparable style of hair.

Keratin Tipped Hair Extensions is the softest and kindest method of extending your hair which gives you a fabulous and outstanding look.
Specialized in the supply of superior quality pre-bonded hair extensions in UK and USA, this product of El-Milano Extensions is regarded as being a unique and best-known beauty aid that can entirely transform your style adding extra length and volume.

We offer more than 30 colors including crazy color shades.

Above all, El-Milano Extensions stands out as being a sole applier of Italian Glue Grains on the bonds to make sure the tips form a strong and sturdy connection between the hair extension and the natural hair of the user. Most importantly, the stylist will not have any difficulty when installing the extensions since our Italian Keratin Glue is easily melted and doesn’t leave any sticky remains behind which can be a real relief for the correction process.

Handy strand tips of various kinds:
– Flat-tip hair extensions
– I-tip hair extensions
– U-tip hair extensions
– V-tip hair extensions


Each strand is 1gr as a standard and size can be custom-made depending on the customers’ preferences. Our lengths range from 20 cm (8″) to 90 cm (36″) long. If cared properly, the keratin bonds can last up to 6 months until the reapplication period. Last but not least, the Wide distribution of top-notch keratin hair extensions in UK is only available in El-Milano Extensions.

Custom Weight

0.5 gr (0,017 oz) per strand
0.8 gr (0,028 oz) per strand
1 gr (0,035 oz) per strand

The lengths are

8”(20cm)   20”(50cm)
10”(25cm)  24”(60cm)
12”(30cm)  28”(70cm)
14”(35cm)  32”(80cm)
16”(40cm)  36”(90cm)


with keratine