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Double Drawn hair

East European Double Drawn Bulk Hair

Elmilano Extensions > Double Drawn hair > East European Double Drawn Bulk Hair
Elmilano Extensions > Double Drawn hair > East European Double Drawn Bulk Hair

“El-Milano Extensions” Double drawn hair is a great choice if the hair you are after is that of volume and glamor. As the hair extensions are very thick right to the tip, a full bodied look will be achieved with ease.


Double drawn hair is well recognized among hair professionals and enthusiasts around the world as an excellent option for those who wish to add volume and glamor to their hair.

Each individual bundle of “El-Milano Extensions” Double Drawn hair has fullness and density in both the top and bottom section of the bundle, which after application creates a mesmerizing appearance of healthiness and fullness of hair.

Double drawn hair is another wonderful option for wig production. As there are relatively few short hairs in each bundle of double drawn hair, and most of it being long from top to bottom, it is easy to work with and the end product is very appealing and elegant.

Widely delivered Double drawn hair extensions in UK and USA.

At our factory, we ONLY work with 100% Natural Human Hair, and to create Double Drawn bundles, our team of professionals carefully removes all the short hairs from the hair bundles before assemblying it in order to create 100 gram bundles with the majority of the hairs being long.

“El Milano Extensions” also developed a unique processing technology at our factory, that does not use any ammonium in production that damages the hair structure. Additionally, there is NO any silicone application to our virgin hair and our team ensures that the human hair remains healthy and alive serving for a long time (at least 1 year).

We offer more than 30 colors including crazy color shades.


Bulk Hair Extension is a half-ready product used for creating your own individualized hair extensions or wigs in your fantasy. We hold certification approved by the Ministry of Health Service to prove that the hair is authentic human hair. Our lengths range from 30 cm (12″) to 60 cm (24″).

Each bundle is

100 gr (3,5oz).

The lengths are

12”(30cm)     18″(45cm)
14”(35cm)     20″(50cm)
16″(40cm)    24″(60cm)