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Elmilano Extensions > Blog > LACE BASE CLOSURE
Elmilano Extensions > Blog > LACE BASE CLOSURE

Our Premium Quality Lace Base Closure is an undeniable guarantee that complements your beauty by giving you a full aura of perfection.


Lace Base Extensions is one of the harmless and hassle-free ways of covering the front scalp of your head when you are suffering from hair receding or just want to protect your own natural hair from further heat applications that you do on a daily basis. The base of our lace closure is of course- lace, with hair strands rooted through tiny holes. The softness of the lace makes the installation process is fairly easy and creates a splitting blend that matches the natural hue of your scalp. Our Lace closures usually are thinner and lay flatter on your head allowing for a more natural hairline and overall look. El-Milano Lace Based Closure is made of 100% East European Remy Unprocessed Human Hair. Widely delivered Lace Closure in UK and USA is very suitable for bleaching and achieving any shade you love to have on. It can also be parted in any line and these pieces will give you the crown bound you have been looking for. Our French lace net can be 100% accommodated to the skin and with a high qualified sewing expert, it is unable to detect our Lace Closures. El-Milano Extensions has been using high-quality Remy human hair that is produced in various rows as in – Center Part – Free Flow

We offer more than 30 colors including crazy color shades.

The composition of our Lace Closures is tailored in the most ethical and precise manner and it is available in a range of slightly coarse, medium coarse, very coarse hair textures.

These hair extensions come straight with the natural soft healthy and strong hair texture.



Base Dimension:

4×4″, 4×3.5″ and we accept customized
dimensions as well.


The lengths are

123 (1)

4×4″, 4×3.5″