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Untangling the Facts - Everything You Need to Know About Weft Hair Extensions

Elmilano Extensions > Untangling the Facts – Everything You Need to Know About Weft Hair Extensions
Elmilano Extensions > Untangling the Facts – Everything You Need to Know About Weft Hair Extensions
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Hair extensions are growing in popularity every year. 1 out of every 10 women has some type of hair extension!

It’s no wonder – when applied by a skilled professional, hair extensions instantly make any hair style more beautiful and interesting. With the additional length, volume, and pop of color, extensions can easily make any simple braid, bun, or ponytail more voluminous and intricate.

Among the different types of extensions to choose from, weft hair extensions are trending as a favorite.

Industry professionals love weft hair extensions because of their durability and versatility – the extensions last up to one year and can endure cuts, color, and heat styling.


Weft hair extensions are a semi-permanent type of hair extensions manufactured with real human hair that is sewn (either by hand or by machine) on to a horizontal strip, or “weft.”

Wefts vary in size from 1″ to 60″ but can be any length and are applied to the hair as panels in rows rather than as individual strands.  Wefts can be applied using tape, clips glue, or sewn-in/braided method. 


Wefted hair extensions are not suitable for all hair types, but are an excellent choice for thick hair. They beautifully add maximum volume and length to natural locks without the commitment of a permanent weave or dye.

Here are a few reasons to love weft hair extensions:

  • Weft extensions can be colored, cut and styled to achieve a natural look.
  • No damage to the natural hair, and they are safe to for using heat products and styling tools on.
  • Commitment free color or style.
  • Professionally applied extensions flawlessly match the customer’s natural hair.
  • The results are always fabulous.

PRO TIPS Checklist: How to Choose the Best Weft Hair Extensions

There are many different brands and types of hair extensions available on the market today and finding the best can seem like an overwhelming task. It is important to remember that not all extensions are created for the same purposes and to the same quality standards. The differences from one manufacturer to the next vary from subtle to extreme. What are some of the key points to consider when selecting luxury weft hair extensions that stand out from all the rest?

  1. Ethical, eco-friendly and environmentally safepractices make a difference

Seek only ethically-sourced hair extensions, made from high-grade premium 100% Remy hair that is processed without hazardous chemicals such as ammonia or various silicone compounds.

  • Superior quality starts with the hair

For salon professionals the most important aspect when purchasing weft hair extensions is the quality of the extension. The goal is for you to exceed your customer’s expectations and go above and beyond to give them the healthiest, gorgeous hair they deserve. This can only be achieved by purchasing the highest quality hair extensions.

  • Remy hair vs. human hair

Remy hair is cut directly from a donor ensuring the cuticle remains intact. The hair is then processed so every strand is uniform and facing the same direction. Hair extensions made from 100% Remy hair last from 6 to 8 months and blends better with natural hair.

100% human hair isn’t donated – it is collected from brushes and factory rejects. Commonly known as “fallen hair”, this hair needs to be cleaned and stripped in order to blend into a hair extension. Hair of different age and origin is mixed together and processed in a cuticle-stripping acid bath. This hair is designed to last around 4 weeks and easily tangles.

Insist on purchasing weft hair extensions made only with 100% East European Remy hair extensions, hand-picked from a single donor with a strong and fine texture. The weft hair extensions are thick right to the tip, ensuring an easily achieved full bodied look.

  • Double drawn wefts mean flexible styling and durability

Premium wefts are made with bulk or loose hair that is fed through a triple-head sewing machine. The hair is folded and sewn at the root, adding a reinforced stitch to ensure durability and prevent shedding. This technique also allows to create exceptional back-to-back color blends and form one strong and flexible double-sided weft.

True double drawn hair means that over 80% of the hair bundle is made up of the final length with very minimal numbers of shorter strands, so with 20” extensions, for example, at least 80% of the hair has to be 20 inches in length.

Machine-tied wefts are durable and adjustable, making the wefts easy to use and able to handle many different types of installation methods. unique weft hair extension design means comfort for customers and ease of fitting for salon professionals. The extensions require no tape, glue or heat for application.

With a foundation of superior quality weft hair extensions, creating natural looking, long, lustrous hair with body and shine is easy in the hands of a skilled professional!

Why try El Milano’s weft hair extensions?

  • El-Milano answers to all the important check points above.
  • Machine wefts are available in lengths from 14” to 24”and are lightweight at 3.5 ounces per bundle.
  • Each weft unravels into one 70 to 80 inch track that can easily be installed using various methods, such as sew in, by using micro rings or micro beads or attaching clips. They can be cut by bonding the end of the track and customized to suit a multitude of textures and styles.
  • Choose from a variety of colors ranging from silky, light blond to deep, rich black and all of the reds and browns in between.
  • Shed and tangle-free weft hair extensions are easy to use and add astonishing volume and length to natural hair.
  • El Milano is a company founded by stylists, for stylists professional hair salons, hair wholesalers, hair shops, and hair distributors.
  • Award-winning designers and manufacturing processes ensure every hair bundle is meticulously selected and crafted.

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