Experience amazing East European hair source tape-in extension that is easy to maintain, lightweight with the blue tape adhesive. 

  Premium Quality Tape in extension is 100% pure, virgin, Remy East European human hair. Tape in extension is the latest line which is semi constant and reusable hair extensions technique.   El Milano Tape in hair extensions is made with strict control and precise way using strong Blue Tape grade.  Our Tape in hair extensions will not leave behind any sticky reminders.

  Tape in hair extension is easy to apply, invisible without damaging your hair. Each set consists of 20 pieces per pack the weight is 50 grams per set.   Our Tape in sets is in 30 different shades.   You can easily wash and blow dry every day and you can treat your own hair.   The life time of each Tape in extension set is 4-6 months.     If the Tape in hair extensions cares properly can last 9-12 months.   Experience amazing hair that easy to maintain, lightweight with the blue tape adhesive, no one would see or feel that you have extensions installed.

We offer more than 30 colors including crazy color shades.


Each piece

is 2,5gr (0.088oz)

and there are

20 pieces in a box.

Width of each tape

is 0.8 X 3 cm.


The lengths are






made by high quality

Blue Tape (USA)