Double Drawn Hair

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"El-Milano Extensions" Double drawn hair is a great choice if the hair you are after is that of volume and glamor. As the hair extensions are very thick right to the tip, a full bodied look will be achieved with ease. "El-Milano Extensions" has also developed and patented a very gentle de-pigmentation process that does not strip the cuticle from the hair. The bleaching and coloring process is done using the human hair of the natural colors along with the qualified experts and expensive chemicals of the high quality.
What is very unique in our processing is that our factory does not use any ammonium in production that damages the hair structure. Additionally, there is NO any silicone application to our virgin hair and our team ensures that the human hair remains healthy and alive serving for a long time (at least 1 year). 
As a result, we achieve brilliant and delightful collection of bleached (blond) and colored human hair with the natural shine and neat look that is 100% tangle free with the roots placed in the same direction (Remy's hair). 
  • Our lengths range from 40cm (16") to 50cm (20").
  • More than 30 hair colors in our color ring (from #1B to #1001) 
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