For over 17 years El Milano Extensions conquered the top level of reputation and successfully reached the peak level of International Hair industry Business as a wholesaler company. We produce Jewish Wigs (Kosher).

   El Milano Extensions provides 3 types of Jewish Wigs: Natural European Hair Wigs, Natural Eurasian Hair Wigs, Natural processed European Hair Wigs.    

   All our Jewish Wigs produced in our factory with finest quality of hair texture and professional skill men.    

   Natural European Hair Wigs are high quality hair creation. It is light, soft with natural light colors and each hair is added strand by strand.  European Hair has natural hair texture, body and it moves very naturally.


   Natural Eurasian Royal quality Jewish Wigs is silky smooth and thin and the rarest and the most superior hair type within our company.    

   Natural processed European Hair Wigs are the most soft and smooth hair texture. Processed European hair wigs are slightly highlighted and colored by our patented technologies.    

   Company experts have selected every strand of hair and each process goes through their strict supervision at each stage to get exclusive Jewish Wigs. 

cap size:

medium (m)



We offer morethan 30 colors

including crazy color shades.

hair texture:




21" full length

(from crown to tips)


cap type:

handmade top ,skintop (4"x4"),

multidirectional,stretchy back