El-Milano Extensions offers you a fabulous quality of wonderful EL-PONYTAIL that will give you an amazing glance in a second

El-Milano Extensions has designed and launched a BRAND NEW seamless EL-PONYTAIL that gives you unbelievable and luxurious look by simple way of wrap up. You can easily have a perfect and natural look by the instant install of EL-PONYTAIL and add volume as well as length without damaging your own hair.


New unique wrap up EL-PONYTAIL is made from 100% natural, virgin healthy human hair. Easy comb and single layered flat wefting lines are formed which create strong and accurate features. At the same time, it gives you a precious view on your appearance. Consequently, there is also a Lace Based material that is 100% identical to the hair color and the strongest strap material to wrap up around which is easy to grab and bind.

We offer more than 30 colors including crazy color shades.


  • Single layered flat wefting line
  • Lace material is 100% identical to the hair color
  • Easy binding strap material


  • Each bundle is
  • 120gr (4.23oz).


  • The lengths are
  • 14”(35cm)
  • 16”(40cm)
  • 18”(45cm)
  • 20”(50cm)
  • 24”(60cm)

  • easy comb
  • binding