Royal-Quality Eurasian Human hair is known as the softest, thin and silky hair texture.

The Eurasian hair texture is 100% virgin human hair and has been collected from  European ladies in Russia and former CIS countries. Single drawn bundles are dense from roots to tips and attentively washed, combed out of short hairs without nits and grey hair. El Milano Extensions provides two types of variety hair textures

  • Classic soft straight - (soft, pure and thin)

  • Natural Wavy/Curly- (bouncy, vibrant, smooth wave, medium wave, slightly curly and up to very curly, slightly coarse and medium coarse)

Our wavy/curly is 100% original natural virgin human hair and it won’t lose the style until ever, as it is not permed or machine steamed. The main target market has been the Caucasian society for several decades giving preference to our Eurasian natural silky straight virgin human hair. Moreover, Jewish wig manufacturers use our smooth Eurasian hair for the production of their Jewish (Kosher) wigs, as long as African American customers from USA, UK, and Nigeria would prefer the slightly coarse, medium coarse Wavy/Curly hair texture.

Colors: There are wide range of colors from the lightest blondes to the darkest brown and black (over than 29 colors) available.

Our lengths range from 30cm (12") to 80cm (28").