Steam Processed Hair

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Due to a limited collection of natural Eurasian Wavy/Curly texture, El Milano Extensions has adapted a NEW STEAM PROCESSED HAIR TEXTURE which comes out from 100% natural East European human hair. 
El Milano steam processed hair texture is 100% harmless and does not change any quality substance of the hair in any way. Therefore, the hair is still 100% virgin.
El Milano steam processing refers to using hot water vapor to create a consistent and dense curl patterns in the hair, no chemicals are used. El Milano uses modern technology to steam process the hair which keeps the cuticle 100% intact, all the strands aligned in the same direction and with a great double layered wefting.
 Besides high quality characteristics which this hair possesses, the unique feature is that the curls or waves would never loose its own condition after washing. Additionally, we assure 100% no tangling with any single bundle of our steamed processed hair. Furthermore, El Milano Extensions steam processed hair can be blow dryed, dyed/colored and can be bleached as well.
The available textures:
  • Deep Wave
  • Loose Wave
  • Water Wave
  • Body Wave
  • Deep Curly
  • Jerry Curly
  • Kinly Curly
 El Milano steam processed hair has the perfect and beautiful curl pattern from roots to tips in every single bundle.
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