Oplipicha Hair Mask

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El-Milano Extensions has launched NEW COSMETIC product line. El Milano Extensions presents a hair mask line under a brand name Elizabeth. The hair masks are enriched with Dead Sea minerals and natural Hi ppophae oil.
These Hair Masks saturated with moisture, based on natural Dead Sea minerals, Chamomile, Oblipicha, and Olive oil extracts. Sea salt Hair Masks nourishes intensively the hair from the roots to tips, gives extra shine, strength to the hair and to the scalp skin. 
Elizabeth Cosmetics offers three different Hair mask lines:   
  • Chamomile Hair Mask is recommended for the treatment of problematic hair and retaining healthy hair as well. The mask can be applied for all generations. It prevents from itching and strengths the hair roots. 
  • Oblipicha Hair Mask is recommended for brittle dry, damaged hair and split ends hair. Hi ppophae oil gives hair immediate transformation from dead hair into new hair. Oblipicha Hair Mask is recommended for giving extra volume and reviving your hair by giving it a life look. 
  • The Olive Hair Mask contains natural Olive oil and Dead Sea minerals that are good especially for brittle dry and damaged hair that is vital to hair and hair roots.
It is recommended to use Elizabeth Hair Mask 2-4 times a week in order to reach maximum result in a short time.
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