El- Milano Extensions provides 100% natural hair, and that is why there is no concept as a fixed amount of bundles in 1kg.
Since our Uzbek and Eurasian hair is natural cuts of hair from different people, the weight of each bundle is indeterminate and different.
Our Uzbeks (Asian) hair bundles vary in weight from 80gr to 120gr each bunch.
Our Eurasian natural hair is lighter in weight, where each bundle can be from 50gr and up to 80gr.
Basically, this means that you will get different hair bundles with different final hair lengths in each kg. For example, each kg of hair with a size of 50-70 cm will contain lengths of 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm, 65 cm and 70 cm in this amount. We always try to make an equal quantity / proportion of each length so that it is fair for both us and our customers. The same applies to all other length ranges for all types of hair that our company works with.
Eurasian Straight, Wavy / Curly hair:
The assortment of this type of hair is represented by a wide palette of shades of chestnut color. In the presence of a large selection of different hair texture - and quite straight, and wavy, and curly. You can easily select the right length - from short, if you want to give your hair the missing volume, to the longest, if you want radical changes in appearance.
Uzbek hair - Asian hair:
Uzbek Remy human hair is also commonly referred to as "virgin hair" and is now really popular in various parts of the world. Remy natural hair is bound in such a manner that the roots of the hair are on one side, and the ends of the hair on the opposite side. Since all the hair is placed in a single direction, the hair remains unaffected, making them longer.

Basically, this means that the client will get the hair the exact lengths in each kilogram. For example, each kg of hair with a size of 12-32 "contains lengths of 12", 14 "16", 18 ", 20", 24 "28" and 32 "inside. The same applies to all lengths within all hair types.

Bank transfer (bank transfer), Western Union or MoneyGram, Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Maestro)
Prices are provided individually to each customer by e-mail personally. The prices for products is vary depending on the quality of hair that you would like to order (Uzbek or Eurasian natural hair), the quantity and length requested, and also depend on the location of the customer.
All prices provided to the customer do not include the shipping cost. Transportation costs are calculated separately depending on the selected express company, quantity and destination.
To receive the updated price list, we ask you to send your request to e-mail - info@elmilanoextensions.com and include the following information:
- Your company name, location and phone number
- The type of your company (hairdresser, online store, wholesale or retail buyer)
- Hair type, requested amount and length of hair
Our sales managers will do everything possible to contact you as soon as possible and accordingly process your request.
"EL-MILANO EXTENSIONS" has its own production line for bleaching and coloring hair. The company offers more than 30 different shades of hair, from dark brown and black to the lightest blond.
"EL-MILANO EXTENSIONS" has developed its own color palette made from 100% natural human hair. Customers are welcomed to purchase a color palette "EL-MILANO EXTENSIONS", with which you can choose a particular desired hair color and order it from "EL-MILANO EXTENSIONS".
Yes, we also accept Individual orders with specific colors that are not represented in the "EL-MILANO EXTENSIONS" color palette.
"EL-MILANO EXTENSIONS" has a minimum 5kg order as a policy, which we will not be able to change.
The following are the Financial Advantages of buying 5kg from "EL-MILANO EXTENSIONS":
1) Buying 5kg, you get the advantage of factory prices, which is more competable prices relatively to the other suppliers (not producers). While buying less than 5kg, prices will be higher accordingly.
2) By purchasing the "EL-MILANO EXTENSIONS" products, you can be 100% sure that you will receive the highest quality in the market and you will avoid the search process of many other suppliers that you can not rely on by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase trial orders Unknown quality of hair. As a result, by cooperating with our company, you save your time and money and also increase the turnover of your business.
"EL-MILANO EXTENSIONS" is a manufacturer and at the moment deals only with wholesale orders!
In addition, our company is very confident in the quality of all hair products and also in the service that it offers.
Our Uzbek and Eurasian hair lines of all sizes and textures have proved very well in every country and in every specific market.
We had never been requested to proceed a return of goods from our customers since our team knows exactly what each market requires and we regulate the quality of the hair for each individual customer.
The minimum order for all our products is 5kg. Nevertheless, you also have the opportunity to order 3-5kg with a certain difference in price. In addition, "El-Milano Extensions" offers 3 different sets of samples, formed according to various variations.
Yes, you can order a mix of goods in your basic order. Each position in your order must be at least 1 kg. You can order different sizes, colors, and textures in your minimum trial order. Your total order must be at least 5 kg or any other option listed above.

El- Milano Extensions has a massive warehouse, where all type of ready products are kept, which assures that your parcel will be sent immediately. In case if your order is specific and requires extra time for preparation, you will be provided a written notification about fulfillment time in your invoice, before your payment proceeds. 

In case if you have: 

a) The product which was not indicated on your invoice 

b) Product that was initially damaged by El- Milano Extensions 
c) And/or the amount of hair is inappropriate relatively to your invoice amount you are welcomed to apply for return and refund policy. 

Return Policy. 

El- Milano Extensions provides 3 calendar days to the customer, from the date you have received the parcel, to review the parcel and apply for return policy. The parcel delivered date will be identified by the tracking number of the parcel. Please note: *your parcel must be unused and in the same condition that you have received. The hair extension products must be in an original packaging.


Once the returned parcel is received by El- Milano Extensions Company, our specialists will inspect it and you will be notified about the condition of the parcel.

If the initial damaged condition is approved by the inspectors of our company, the refund will be conducted to you via Credit Card payment, or via the original way of the payment. In case if we refund the payment via Credit Card or Bank wire transfer, you will receive the money in a certain period of time, depending on your bank’s system.


The client is responsible for the shipping costs of the parcel, and please note: El – Milano Extensions Company is NOT liable for shipping refunds. In case, if the shipping was not sufficiently paid by the customer, the shipping cost will be deducted from the total amount of that particular refund.



Even though there is a certain risk associated with every online transaction, International Business E-commerce is based on trust, which is vital for the sustainable progress and development of both sides.
As our company existing in the market since 2002,  and we take a full care about quality and stability. And our main guarantee is our reputation, as well as friendly, warm relationship and loyalty to our customers, to our brand and to our family business.